COVID-19 Animated PSA Series

Illustration, Animation, & Sound Design:  Ashlee Walker

I created a series of short-form animated PSAs focused on COVID-19 prevention and awareness messaging and disseminated the final pieces via social media.

THE PROCESS:  Research  >  Sketch/Storyboards  >  Illustration  >  Animation  >  Feedback
I researched recommendations by public health experts to determine the appropriate messaging for the pieces, as well as social media strategy such as the best days to post and relevant hashtags.
I brainstormed ideas, sketched visual concepts, and storyboarded sequences. Illustrations were done in Adobe Illustrator and animation was done in After Effects. Initial drafts were presented for feedback and revisions were completed, as needed. At times the process was not linear, and feedback at the storyboard or illustration stage prompted further ideas or altered concepts completely.